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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Worry Myths

While I try to always be as orginal as is possible, this was a list from The Complete Idiot's Guide to Zen Living that I could not resist sharing. Read it. It's a very user friendly book that is well done.

"If I worry about something, it won't happen. Wrong!

If I worry about something, I'll cause it to happen. Wrong!

Worry shows I care. Wrong!

Worry helps. Wrong!

Worry is productive. Wrong!

Worry equals love. Wrong!

Worry will keep me better organized. Wrong!

Worry will increase my awareness of danger. Wrong!

Worry makes me a conscientious person. Wrong!

Worry makes me a person. Wrong!

If I don't worry, I'm heartless. Wrong!

If I don't worry, I'm not a good parent/child/sibling/friend. Wrong!

If I dont worry, bad things will automatically happen. Wrong!

If I don't worry, others will have to worry. Wrong!

If I don't worry, I won't get the job done. Wrong!

If I don't worry, I'll be out of the loop. Wrong!

If I don't worry, my whole life will fall apart. Wrong!

You mean...worry is a waste of precious life energy? Right!"

page 209

1 comment:

DaisyBug said...

I love this concept of not worrying primarily because it is completely useless and counter productive. Problem is - I am not all that great at it. Making progress, but I still have to talk myself down from a worry every now and then...

Thanks for the reminder!